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Who are we?

eBizStart is an annual event organised by E3Hubs as a platform for startups/entrepreneurs/business owners and SMEs to showcase their businesses, products and services; create business opportunities especially cross-border business opportunities and partnerships; learn and acquire knowledge together and create an expanded business network.

The eBizStart core purpose is to be the business enabler that connects businesses to markets, businesses to partnerships and businesses to opportunities; thus enabling them to grow and accelerate their businesses. We want to change lives and bring entrepreneurship to the mainstream.

This is in line with E3Hubs’s Big Vision of creating 1,000,000 successful growth entrepreneurs by the year 2030. BizStart is our flagship platform that brings entrepreneur, businesses, government, academics, trainers, business networks and influencers together in the spirit of entrepreneurship camaraderie, cooperation and collaboration.

This year’s eBizStart is especially sweet as countries around the world are battling against the Covid-19 Pandemic. Equally affected are businesses especially small businesses and those with the direct impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. eBizStart 2021 starts with four (4) themes: #entrepreneurssupportentrepreneurs, #digitaltechnologyworld, #businessgrowth and #futurelandscape that we believe will provide the leadership direction on the future for our entrepreneurs.

This leads to our decision to open up eBizStart Virtual Platform to business communities, countries and organisations and afford FREE participation to showcase their businesses. This is the least we can do to help and support all business startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and business owners in the world to rebuild and grow together as an entrepreneur community.

Why is the Entrepreneur community very important to us?

Do you know that there are at least 400 million entrepreneurs in the world? That is even larger than the population of the worlds largest economy, USA. Imagine this, if entrepreneurs work together, combine our strengths and buying power, we can become an economy by itself! This is what E3Hubs aspires to bring together entrepreneurs around the world to network together, do business with each other and cooperate and collaborate. This is our ASPIRATION and we trust that we have also ignited your passion to be part of this journey.

We believe that if we, entrepreneurs can work together and support each other, we are driving the entrepreneur ecosystem which is a very powerful ecosystem. Imagine an entrepreneur community that is now in control of its destiny and have the propensity to empower others within its ecosystem. This is the world we want to create. E3Hubs’ vision of 1,000,000 successful growth entrepreneurs by 2030 is like a small drop in the vast ocean but the beginning of a journey.

We hope the eBizStart 2021 event will inspire you to participate and reap the benefits of the vision that we have created, and be part of the global entrepreneur ecosystem that we desire to create.


In the virtual world, we are no longer constrained with time and space. With our revolutionary platform, we are pushing beyond boundaries, beyond limits and re-creating a digital experience with focus on attention, fun and engaging, retention and entertaining; and with better control of time for both participants, exhibitors and sponsors. We aim to create abundance in business opportunities, brand awareness and sales for all our participants.


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