eBizStart 2021 Extended Events

eBizStart 2021 runs a series of Extended Events during the entire 2 weeks of eBizStart 2021. These extended events are events within the main eBizStart Event and are conducted by partnering communities with E3Hubs. E3Hubs encourages its communities to host Backup Events utilizing the virtual event platform provided by E3Hubs. 

Below are the Extended Events to be hosted during eBizStart 2021:


The Information and Connecting Point for Entrepreneurs

For 10 years, BizStart Summit and BizStart Masterclasses  has been the primary source for entrepreneurs to obtain business insights, knowledge and entrepreneurial support. Every year, we have professionals, experts and trainers to share best practices, proven strategies, effective tools and relevant insights with an audience of entrepreneur peers. This year provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to reach out to the global communities of entrepreneurs, incubators and entrepreneur ecosystem to come together as the world recovers from the impacts of a destructive global pandemic, connecting with peers and sharing information is more important than ever before. This two weeks-long, virtual Summit and Masterclasses will feature:

  • Peer-led sessions with actionable strategies and tools
  • Discussions focused on confronting challenges and brainstorming new approaches
  • Learn and acquire entrepreneurial, strategic, management and leadership knowledge to steer your business towards a growth path


Entrepreneurs who attend eBizStart 2021 Summit and eBizStart 2021 Masterclasses will:

IDENTIFY AND SHARE BEST PRACTICES to help entrepreneurs and startups launch, scale and thrive

GAIN ACCESS to experts, advisors, mentors and other partners who can support your business journey

LEVERAGE INSIGHTS from the latest trends in the business environment and turn them into opportunities. 

IGNITE and sustain relationships with global leaders dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs like you

Click here for more information on:
eBizStart 2021 Summit
eBizStart 2021 Masterclass

eBizChallenge 2021 is a startup pitching event for startups and entrepreneurs who are interested to springboard into South East Asia. Jointly organised by E3Hubs and Rescale Lab (Singapore), we are inviting startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world to submit their pitch decks and applications to win Top 100 spots and be eligible to showcase their businesses during eBizStart 2021 and pitch for Top 5 placings which will receive cash, perks and rewards worth more than USD100,000. Application is open now! Please click on the logo to direct to the eBizChallenge 2021 page OR click on the link below: 

WoBiz Challenge 2021 is a pitching event for women entrepreneurs based in Malaysia who are interested to liftoff and grow their businesses. WoBiz Challenge is an initiative by E3Hubs and Women Will, a Grow with Google Program. It has been a great pleasure to have the team of Women Will Georgetown to be on board and chair this WoBiz Challenge as their vision is to uplift females to be successful in their lives through 4 themes in their community: leadership, entrepreneurship, digital literacy and workplace inclusive. 

Application is open now! Please click on the logo to direct to the WoBiz Challenge 2021 page OR click on the link below: 

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