eBizStart 2021 FAQ

For Exhibitors:

Exhibition Information

Yes, every exhibitor is entitled to sign up for FREE (Basic Exhibitor Room) for 14days from 15th to 28th June. There will be 3 Paid key unlocking features on the platform.

The 3 main key unlocks will be Exhibitor Unlock, Ad Unlock and Business Support Unlock.

Yes, it will be available 24/7.

One company is entitled to one virtual exhibition room.

Every exhibitor will be given an exclusive room with a public chat function and a form for visitors to submit enquiries when exhibitors are offline.  Exhibitors will also be able to upgrade to various BizNet packages to enjoy valuable functions such as live video streaming, private chat rooms and will also receive individual exhibitor room report.

You will be able to showcase your business services and products live to visitors entering your room, engage live with visitors immediately once they visit you, participate in networking events and attend B2B business programs. You can also build your brand presence and create business cooperation expertise with entrepreneurs from more than 10 countries around the world. You can also take the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge through our 130+ speakers in our Conferences and 80+ trainers in our Masterclass Workshops. Business clinics with experts and mentors are also available. Lastly, you can join our eBizChallenge 2021 to pitch your business to experienced mentors and investors in the South East Asian region.

You can unlock either one of the 3 key unlocking features, (1) Virtual Room unlock, (2) Ad Space unlock, (3) Business Support unlock. Or early bird bundle purchase (1+2+3). You can do this before the event to enjoy the early bird discount or unlock it during the event day.

You can purchase the features on www.bizstart.com.my before the event or during the event day. You will from time to time, receive email reminders to unlock these features.

Group chat is for visitors to engage with you or you can post your campaign and market through the group chat to increase interaction with all the visitors. Group chat is an important engagement feature in your virtual booth.

The group chat is in your virtual room.

  • Each exhibitor who has subscribed to the BizNet Pro exhibitor package or higher will receive a report containing details to the visitors that visited their room, enquiries submitted when they are not online and also an overall statistics comparing your exhibitor room against the average statistics of the event and other exhibitors at the event.

The Banners and Side Ads will be in all the conference channels and exhibitor room.

Invited guests will only be able to enter the networking room. VIP room is where all the speakers, invited guests and exhibitors will be in to connect.

  • Qualified Business Matching is a 1-to-1 arranged business matching putting together our business exhibitors with qualified business candidates who can be either your potential partner, customer, supplier or others as you may want to specify.
  • In Qualified Business Matching, you can register your interest and the organiser will source for the suitable candidates, filter them and present them to you for scheduled 1-on-1 business matching during the eBizStart event.

Chaos Leadership Program (CLP) is a 3-month intensive program that helps startups and entrepreneurs define their growth fundamentals and position themselves towards a growth path. CLP focuses on helping entrepreneurs to prioritise their strategic priorities, set the goals and execute with precision and focus to achieve their goals and objectives. A CLP graduate will have greater clarity in terms of their long-, middle – and short-term targets and goals with key strategic priorities to achieve those targets.

Business Mastermind is a Group Coaching Program that focuses on helping startups and entrepreneurs to be accountable in achieving their strategic business objectives. A group mastermind program also helps entrepreneurs to harness on the group’s collective minds to find solutions and insights to their business challenges. A business leader is assigned to lead the mastermind group and will act as a mentor, guide and a coach to bring the best of everyone within the group. With the group collective, everyone will grow together and would not want to be left behind.

Pre-exhibition Preparation

Email confirmation will be sent out. And an onboarding email will be sent to all confirmed exhibitors. The onboarding process email will require you to complete several steps including eBizStart community membership onboarding and materials to be furnished to set up your e-booth.

Company products and services, marketing campaign, company or product videos and brochures, price list or any other relevant information to be uploaded.

During exhibition

There will be a group chat for visitors to engage publicly. If you want to engage your serious visitors on a private 1-on-1 chat, you will have to unlock the Virtual Room Unlock package.

Visitors will get access to your company information, videos, brochures, and name card.

Engaging them via group chat or private breakout rooms.

There will be Paid and Non-Paid Business Matching activities to attend to. Paid Business Matching is Qualified Business Matching. Qualified Business Matching helps to match you with targeted and qualified partners, suppliers and buyers. You will have to unlock this under the BuzSupport Pro unlock.

Yes, you don’t have to be live sitting in front of the camera unless you are running a Live Session. You just need to be online as if you are on your other social media platforms. You will be notified if there are visitors who are interested to communicate with you.

There will be technical support online everyday from 9am-5pm throughout the event period.

Visitors can leave a message on the group chat for you or fill in the enquiry form and send it to you.

Exhibitors are advised to host a live streaming session during the event via zoom to interact with the audience.

Post exhibition

Only by unlocking the first feature will you get a full report analytic on the traffic daily.

It’s FREE, automatically by signing up as an exhibitor, your company is in our Business community listing.

Updated information will be announced on all of our social media platforms and an email will be sent out to update on upcoming events.

For Participants:

Participants have the chance to connect to other visitors and also business owners to explore collaboration together.

Attendees can start chatting via group chat.

There will be a replay segment to watch all the replays. All sessions are recorded and can be replayed at any time at your convenience.

The site will remain online. Only the event will end. All the recorded talks will be accessible after the event.

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