eBizStart 2021 Masterclasses is a combination of Masterclass Workshops that are specially curated and co-created with our training partners. 

All workshops are conducted by our specially curated trainers, who will be sharing their expertise, knowledge, experience and insights with our entrepreneur participants.

We have more than 60 trainers participating in these Masterclass Workshops throughout the 2 weeks. Every day (except Saturdays and Sundays), we will bring to you special Masterclasses that focus on specific themes. These themes are listed below.

Each theme will have at least 5 workshops for the day. Each workshop will be 1 hour to 1.5 hours long and we have asked our trainers to focus on the “how-to” aspect of the workshop instead of “what you should do”. 

These Masterclasses will be streamed live from our trainers’ training rooms.

Participants are not required to register to participate in these Masterclasses. Your registered ID will grant you the pass to enter any of these Masterclasses. Should you miss any of these Masterclass Workshops, you can, at your own convenience, view their recordings at any time. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for recorded telecasts. All recordings are available 24/7

Leadership Masterclasses (15 June 2021)

Leadership is an essential element to entrepreneurship and business. The entrepreneur/founder is the captain of the ship who would steer its people and the ship towards a set course set by Vision, Mission and Core Values. In challenging times, the leader must emerge to steer the ship to calmer waters, assure her people and lead with direction. In the eBizStart 2021 Leadership Masterclss, 3 Leadership Jedi Masters will teach you and show you the way to be a GREAT Leader of your ship. 

Entrepreneurship Masterclasses (16 June 2021)

Entrepreneurship skills are essential skills that an entrepreneur must continue to build on. Having a mastery in entrepreneurship skills will allow the entrepreneur to focus on building the essential building blocks of a company with good business potential and scalability. Learn from 8 Entrepreneurship Jedi Masters in the field of business model mastery, networking mastery, profit maximization and lots more!

ScaleUp Masterclasses (17 June 2021)

Most aspiring entrepreneurs are drawn to entrepreneurship by a desire to solve a problem, build something new, or serve a certain market niche. Once an entrepreneur has identified such an opportunity, the next step is getting the venture off the ground and scaling up it out into a bigger and more impactful operation. Scaling a business successfully is only made more difficult by the level of change management required to do it While there are no definitive recipes for success when scaling up a business, there are some essential guiding principles that can help you to avoid common pitfalls that prevent businesses from scaling up successfully. This masterclass will help you build a solid business that is ready to scale up and grow. 

Online Marketing Masterclasses (18 June 2021)

This online marketing masterclass is perfect for businesses serious about their online presence. Invest in your business by learning how to market it effectively online. You’ll learn how to create brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and convert this into sales and enquiries.

PR, Branding and Image Masterclasses (21 June 2021)

Having a strong public persona is one of the most influential subjects in today’s global marketplace. Conducting effective public relations, having a powerful brand and creating great personal images that transcend the competition can be critical to your success. This masterclass will help you recognize the importance of PR, branding and image as well as provide the tools that will enable you to create & implement realistic, effective programs that achieve measurable results.

Online / E-Commerce Masterclasses (22 June 2021)

This masterclass will teach you the strategies needed to create an online or e-commerce presence and teach you how to set up by setting up a small e-commerce store, selling something digitally or physical product, and all the in-between processes.

Sales and Marketing Masterclasses (23 June 2021)

Sales and Marketing is the prime driver of a business. Without sales, there will be no business. Most entrepreneurs do not do well int his department. Perhaps they lack in tactics. This Masterclass seeks to help participants develop tactics that any entrepreneur can put to use. Featuring 6 masterclass sessions from 6 different speakers where they share actionable sales and marketing advice specifically for entrepreneurs. 

Data Intelligence and Digitalization Masterclasses (24 June 2021)

As industries continue to evolve and transform, digitalisation is key to improve operational efficiency and market reach. As with any new development, business leaders need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. In this Masterclass, we cover the three most relevant areas of digitalisation: Big Data, Consumer Intelligence and Digital Business Transformation. Hear from the experts about how to gather, process and action data, including its link with successful digitalisation. Learn how to turn your business into a data-driven enterprise

Funding and Financing Masterclasses (25 June 2021)

Learn how to raise capital and financing for your business; and build relationships with investors and financing institutions. Learn how to properly prepare your business plan, create a pitch deck, fundraise on equity-based platforms, accept loans and grants, and be well funded for maximum success! Learn from our Funding and Financing Jedi Masters. 

Business Skills Masterclasses (26 June 2021)

The Business Skills Masterclass is all about business skills and strategies in the real world. Improve your business skills, or learn them for the first time. From managing finances to intellectual property to human resource management strategies, this Masterclass contains all that you need to start making a big impact on your bottom line. Learn from 6 Business Jedi Masters to improve your Business Skills Mastery.  

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